Fitness for Duty Evaluation

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Fitness for Duty Evaluation
A Fitness for Duty Evaluation is performed when an employee demonstrates objective problematic behavior that calls into question his or her ability to perform their duties safely and effectively, and there is a reasonable basis for believing that their behavior is the result of an underlying psychological/psychiatric issue.

Dr. Gallivan follows the recommendations set forth by the psychological services section of the International Association of Chiefs of Police.

Fitness for duty evaluations are performed competently, and used legally and correctly, are a vital component of a comprehensive officer wellness program for public safety agencies. If a public safety employee is not fit at the time of the evaluation, recommendations will be provided for the employee to follow that will allow him or her to hopefully, be restored to full duty. A fitness for duty evaluation should be seen as a career saver, not a career-ender.

Find the link for IACP Fitness for Duty Guidelines here.