The Ultimate Wellness Program

The Ultimate Wellness Program brings a comprehensive team of professional and wellness amenities to each police station. Vendors to come to your station and teach about nutrition, financial planning, fitness, counseling, massage therapy, yoga, meditation, and other substance-free ways to cope with stress.

This is a hands on/experiential learning modality, that has proven to be the preferred method of instruction for public safety employees.

Our Program Includes:

  • Peer Support Team Training and Management by a licensed and Board Certified Police Psychologist
  • Access to First Responder Specific Alcohol Treatment Programs
  • Police Psychologists and culturally competent counselors
  • Annual Wellness Visits
  • Chaplains
  • Mandatory OIS Debriefings
  • Mandatory Pediatric Death Debriefings
  • Employee Appreciation Days (food, dry cleaning, car wash, shoe shine, etc.)
  • Mental Health Trainings and Resources for Family Members
  • Resilience | Stress Management Classes
  • Massage therapists/massage chairs
  • Therapy Dogs
  • Chaplains
  • Personal Fitness & Nutrition Classes
  • Financial Wellness- Trainings and Resources
  • Couples Retreats and Workshops off-site
  • Equine Therapy
  • OIS and Critical Incident Trauma Retreats
  • Juice Bar

The Benefits of Having A Wellness Program at Your Public Safety Department

  • Investing in your employee’s wellness
  • Reducing excessive use of force
  • Validation and care
  • Encouraging physical and mental fitness
  • Increasing morale
  • Good for recruitment
  • Reducing stigma and receiving referrals for psychological services and alcohol treatment
  • Providing access to culturally competent professionals

Wellness Vendors

  • Best effort will be made to hire vendors in your city to give back to the small businesses in your community.
  • Efforts will also be made to hire first responders. For example: police officers who own gyms and catering companies.
  • Peer Support teams from each department will be involved in communicating department needs, and overseeing the progress of the program.

Tracking The Effectiveness of the Wellness Program at Your Public Safety Department

  • A statistician will be assigned to each department. Brief surveys will be emailed to employees asking about their level of stress, which services were utilized, and if a reduction of stress was achieved.
  • The data will be presented to the Chief of Police, as requested: monthly, quarterly, or annually.

The Ultimate Wellness Program is a shift in perspective from how things have been done, to how things should be done:

  • Old Way/Reactive Model: Provide wellness services after officers sustain psychological and physical damage.
  • New Way/Preventative Model: Provide wellness services before: Create resilience, easy access to appropriate resources, increase morale, physical fitness, strengthening blue families, and reduce financial stress.

Wellness Program Amenities

Coffee Station & Juice Bar

Alcohol Class

Massage Chairs/

Dry Cleaning, Shoe Shine, Haircuts

Meditation &




Food Truck,
Healthy Meals on Wheels




Therapy Dogs

Studies of people with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder who were paired with therapy dogs revealed:
  • Lower overall PTSD symptom severity
  • Increased ability to cope with flashbacks and anxiety
  • Decreased frequency of nightmares
  • Decreased incidences of sleep disturbance
  • Lower overall anxiety, depression, and anger
  • Higher levels of companionship and social integration
  • Decreased social isolation
  • Increased ability to participate in activities outside of the home
  • Increased levels of resilience and overall life satisfaction
  • Decreased use of prescription drugs for anxiety, sleep, and pain

*Please call or email us to be connected to an organization that will provide your department with a free therapy dog.

Annual Wellness Visits

Annual Wellness Visits are highly recommended for public safety employees. These visits are provided by licensed mental health professionals who follow the guidelines set forth by the International Association of Chiefs of Police Psychological Services Section.

  • Psychoeducational
  • Provide Mental Health Referrals and Resources
  • Offered in Person, or Zoom
  • Not a Fitness for Duty Evaluation
  • Not a Mandatory Psychotherapy Session, or Mandatory Debriefing
  • Attendance is Mandatory, but Participation is Optional

Wellness Items Encouraged at Your Station

  • A Wellness Room/Lounge
  • Iced Coffee Kegerator/Juice Bar
  • Peloton/On-duty fitness time
  • Therapy dog
  • Plants

*Please call or email us to be connected to an organization that will provide your department with a free therapy dog.